Trending Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


There were many trending photos on Instagram last year that boasted huge glamourous marble or granite countertops most had subway tile with modern brass fixtures, and this year trends in bathroom remodeling are just as bold and elegant.

Modern but minimalist will always be a classic. Less is more. From the scene of things, most designers are leaning towards using texture, loud colors, and obscure accessories. Invision stylish wallpaper with intricate patterns, and contemporary furniture and graphic tile patterns that will turn your space into bathroom into a retreat mini-sanctuary or personal spa. If you’re deciding to overhaul your bathroom or just looking for inspiration these are recent trends to look for.

Dimensional Tile

This trend started over in Europe just a few years back, we now are seeing a lot of possibilities with dimensional tile making which is making waves in the latest designs in bathroom remodeling. The technology of using water jets has made leaps and bounds giving them more creative ways to express themselves and the finished product is amazing. Whether its stone or marble or even a porcelain composite high-quality tiles are crucial to add style while creating a calming atmosphere.In the same way, selecting the right color of paint accompanied with wallpaper will draw a reaction or interest in the room, these tiles with the right pattern can make a very bold statement. Apply these to an accent wall or possibly a vanity not only for looks but for functionality as well, these tiles are the way to go more heavy duty and water resistant. Your bathroom is too important to play it safe and with these new dimensional tiles, you can have a look that will make a statement for your family for years to come.

Freestanding Bathtubs

These tubs have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and will continue to be trendy in 2018. Freestanding tubs draw you in and provide a central theme or focal point to build off of. If you encase them with marble or granite tiles on a raised platform or deck. The bathtub has evolved in the last decade most homeowners and interior designers are choosing much simpler bathtubs. The right tub can really showcase your bathroom. You could choose a simple soaking design or a jacuzzi type with heated headrest and speakers to listen to your favorite jams. No matter what you choose the tubs in 2018 are sculpture-like and elegant.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

This is another trend that has been prevalent in Europe for many years but finally making it way to the States. The floating vanity creates a sense of space and openness even with the smallest of bathrooms. It offers the clean, transitional look that so many homeowners and home buyers want in a home today. Expect these vanities to offer drawers over doors in many instances, as a way to over more practical storage and, as stated above, smart storage is becoming standard in many of the well-thought-out designs. But while they are stylish, they offer a few practical advantages as well. By its very nature, the vanity can be installed at just about any height. This is great for the homeowner that finds standard height vanities either too tall or too short. Next, by leaving an area of 12-18” open beneath the vanity, it makes for very easy cleaning. Whether you prefer traditional or modern styling, you should consider a floating vanity in your new bathroom design.

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