About Mitchell Construction

“It Takes a Family to Build a Home” and our family can do just that! From custom home builds to kitchen and bath remodels, we can do it all.

Company History

Mitchell Construction, founded in 2008, is a family-owned and operated construction company with over 45 years of commercial and residential expertise.

From humble beginnings working on dirt lots to constructing dream homes, Mitchell Construction has evolved into a trusted construction company, delivering quality over quantity every step of the way. Our history reflects our commitment to our customers, families, community, and faith, and this ethos continues to inspire our daily operations.

With a unique blend of commercial and residential expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including concrete, home renovations, and custom home builds. We’re also skilled in delivering high-quality kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, and interior remodeling projects.

We adopt a hands-on approach, with our team of dedicated professionals actively involved in all project stages, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and quality craft.

Join us on this journey as we continue to create spaces that fulfill our customers’ needs and enrich their lives. At Mitchell Construction, we are not just building homes, we are building dreams.

“We love what we do and love the satisfaction of building and making your dreams come true.”

Jonathon Mitchell

Meet The Team

Our leadership team – John Mitchell, Jonathon Mitchell, and Joshua Mitchell – brings together diverse skills and experiences, resulting in a synergy that breeds innovation and excellence.

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of home and community. We are all family men, committed to building homes that foster love, memories, and legacy. Our faith forms the bedrock of our values, inspiring us to serve with integrity, diligence, and compassion.

John Mitchell - President

John Mitchell, a seasoned expert with over 45 years of experience in the construction industry, is a proud co-owner of Mitchell Construction. His wide-ranging expertise includes concrete work, high-rise construction, and new home construction.

John is a dedicated family man, blessed with three children and ten grandchildren, whom he loves dearly. Before his successful partnership with Mitchell Construction, John sharpened his skills in the Carpenters Union for a decade. Here, he gained valuable experience working on diverse projects, including high rises, tilt-up structures, theaters, and medical buildings, and honing his concrete work skills.

His passion for the industry led him to work with various other companies before finally uniting with his two sons to form a formidable partnership at Mitchell Construction. This journey allowed John to transition from constructing towering high rises to crafting bespoke homes – a testament to his versatile building and creative capabilities.

Outside of his professional life, John has a knack for entertaining and cherishing moments with family and friends. He especially enjoys creating memorable experiences with his grandchildren. His life balances his love for construction and the joy he derives from his close-knit family and social circle.

Joshua Mitchell - Vice President

Joshua Mitchell’s journey is marked by dedication, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. A graduate of the class of 2003, Josh’s professional journey began in the commercial construction industry right after high school. Over the next four years, he honed his skills in this field, gaining invaluable experience and insights.

Seeking to broaden his horizon, Josh transitioned into residential construction, specializing in luxury and high-end remodels and renovations. His meticulous attention to detail and steadfast commitment to quality was instrumental in elevating homes from ordinary to extraordinary.

In 2009, Josh took a bold step, enlisting in the United States Army. During his six-year tenure, he served honorably, completing a tour in Afghanistan and another in South Korea. This period of his life imbued him with a deep sense of discipline, teamwork, and fortitude – qualities that would later become key to his success in the construction industry.

After being honorably discharged, Josh, his wife, and their three children returned to California. In 2015, he decided to bring his diverse skill set back to where his passion for construction first took root – at Mitchell Construction. Rejoining his father and brother, Josh brought a unique blend of commercial construction knowledge, high-end residential remodeling expertise, and military discipline to the family business. His diverse experiences have enriched Mitchell Construction and continue to drive its success.

Jonathon Mitchell - Co-founder & Treasurer

From my teenage years, the aspiration of owning a business took root in my heart. I ventured into entrepreneurship early, at the age of twelve, engaging in miscellaneous tasks such as painting, lawn mowing, and helping people move. The hands-on lessons of concrete work were imparted to me by none other than my father, John Mitchell.

My initial days in the industry were spent as a laborer, learning the ropes of the trade. I vividly remember the sight of the company owner stepping out of his truck and delegating tasks for the day. That moment ignited a resolve within me to lead my own company one day, though I was aware of the learning journey ahead of me.

After several years of dedication and hard work, I climbed to the role of a job site Foreman. This position offered me the opportunity to work on an assortment of projects, including tilt-ups, poured-in-place decks, large buildings, and poured-in-place walls.

My learning curve took an upward turn when I took on a project to construct our church, a task that spanned 18 months. Alongside my father and brother, I became involved in nearly every aspect of the construction, familiarizing myself with new trades and experiences. This project was a turning point, and I fell in love with the whole building process.

After completing the church, I associated myself with different companies to further broaden my understanding and knowledge. With each experience, I knew I was getting closer to my goal of starting my own business.

In 2008 Everything came crashing down, work opportunities dried up, and I found myself working for several companies on meager wages. Driven by the need to adapt, I started taking up miscellaneous jobs for homeowners, ranging from sprinkler maintenance to ceiling fan installations.

This challenging phase introduced me to a gentleman that wanted to build a house and was looking for someone that needed an opportunity. With his assistance, I secured my Building License. Proposing a partnership with my father and brother, we embarked on this venture, built the gentleman’s house, and laid the foundation for our company.

Since 2008 the three of us have worked on many projects of varied scales. Our satisfaction lies in creating structures that transform into cherished homes for our clients. We all are family men, married with children, and believe it takes a family to build a home. Sometimes it feels like a dream to work alongside family and friends doing what I love and building a company and legacy.

Turning Visions Into Reality

At Mitchell Construction, our success story is authored by a blend of key elements, each contributing to our reputation as a leader in the construction industry. These factors, which we consider the cornerstones of our success, include:

Highly Rated

We consistently earn top reviews from our customers and never leave a job until the customer is 100% satisfied.

Fair Prices

Our competitive pricing offers remarkable value and are priced in a way that is fair to everyone.

Relationship based

We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers.

Quick Service

Our efficient operations ensure we show up on time and finish on schedule.

Trusted leadership

Our experienced leadership team provides dependable guidance and are leaders in the community.

Friendly Team

Our dedicated team is approachable and responsive to client needs on and off the job site.

High Quality

We are committed to delivering superior quality materials and service in all our projects.

Integrity Driven

Our business practices are guided by unwavering principles of honesty and transparency.