Room Additions

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Do you need more space?

Do you need more space?

Mitchell Construction and a room addition can create a great new living space onto your home.

Room additions are the most radical but can be the most rewarding changes one can make to their house. We are looking forward to meeting with you and helping you explore the many options you have to choose from. Our team will help you plan the design, choose the right features, and, of course, build your project!

Below are some types of projects to consider if you need a room addition.

  • House Add-On
  • Bump Outs
  • Sun Rooms
  • Conservatories
  • Garage Conversions

Room additions can be considered due to the house lacking a certain room in its initial design but are usually necessary due to additions to the family. We like to think that every home will grow as the family does so you may require a new bedroom or familyroom. Also if you are thinking of adding a room, be sure to consider that moving upward is just as much of an option as moving outward.

Speaking of outward, perhaps you only need to add some space rather than an entire room. A bump-out can add a lot of square footage to a home without expanding beyond property lines or radically changing the outside appearance of your house. You may want to add a small half-bath for guests or give a kitchen enough room to add an island. A little space can go a long way!

Has your house got a great view? A Sunroom can be a great way to take advantage of it! There are very few alternatives to choose from when you want a room to enjoy the landscape as well as relax or entertain guests while being protected from hot, cold, or wet weather. A larger sun room, commonly called a conservatory, can also house a garden or be used as a larger dining area!

A garage conversion, while not actually adding a room to your home, can be a reliable and cost-effective alternative. If you can part ways with your vehicle’s home, you can create space for a home fitness gym or add a playroom for your children without having to expand your house. Since most modern garages usually have utilities, such as electrical wiring, ready to go, garage conversions can be much less of a hassle to get through.

No matter which room additions you choose, let us be the ones to bring new life to your home!

Contact us today to get your your new rooms added to your home!