Interior Remodeling

Interior Remodeling

Interior Remodeling

Whether you would like a larger, multiple area project or are considering remodeling a smaller area, Mitchell Construction should be the first ones you call. Our designers are more than ready (and willing) to give you a free consultation on your home improvement ideas. Some projects we have proudly done in the past are:


Have you wanted a comfortable, well-lit, and open area to enjoy watching movies, sporting events, or you and your family’s favorite television shows? While we may not be able to help with the electronics involved, we are the team you want to prepare the room for your dreams. You may need to consider reshaping the room itself as rectangular rooms will be best not only for viewing purpose but for sound projection as well. Speaking of sound, while stapling egg cartons to the wall may be the least effective option, we have experience installing acoustic fabric for a much better looking result.

Perhaps you want to turn a room into a studio to give a dedicated space to practice your hobbies or work from home. Several of our past clients have hired us to create spaces covered in Rubber Sports Floor Tiles so they could practice dance routines, set up home gyms, or even host yoga classes. We have also provided a home with newly leveled concrete floor with a built-in countertop to be used as a workshop without giving up garage space.

A small guestroom that could be better served as a home office is another common request we receive. We would be more than happy to open up a closet to give you more space for a desk with a comfortable chair and, if need be, reinforce the walls to give the room the sound dampening it may need to make your office into a quiet study area.


To get the most out of your home, you have to make efficient use of the space. Mitchell Construction’s designers and installers will work together to balance storage space and open space to give you the best area in each room.

We have done several custom designer closets and storage spaces not just in bedrooms, but in kitchens, bathrooms, and even living rooms. Our team has even remodeled and installed brand new Walk-In Closets and Pantries. Do not hesitate to call us if a remodeling project could keep you from having to store your belongings outside of your home!


Whether it’s for the ambiance or the warmth, a fireplace could change the entire atmosphere of a room. Our contractors have remodeled both chimney and vent-free fireplace projects. Faux fireplaces are more common projects for us and can be a great way to make a living room or study more appealing.
Whichever design you choose, let Mitchell Construction help you complete your next interior remodeling project.

Looking to get your home’s interior remodeled? Contact us to get our team of remodeling professionals started on your project today!