Bathroom Cost Guide


Let’s face it. The number one worry you have as a homeowner considering a bathroom remodel is the cost. You know that a good project won’t be cheap and a cheap project won’t be good. Today, we will help you out by giving you a guide to how much updating your bathroom will cost!

Less Than $15,000

Depending on the size, of course, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $12,000 for a project you handle yourself. This is best when you would not need to rearrange the plumbing or make major flooring changes. Fixtures could be replaced, low-end stone replacements to the countertops, and perhaps tiling the shower are the likely choices for this type of budget. Furnishings like cabinets can be refinished if they are still in good condition. You could always get stock materials and make up for it with accessories and finishing. Combining most of these ideas or opting for more expensive materials will obviously bring you to the higher-end of this cost range.

You can most likely hire a single experienced contractor for a job like this as well and still be under budget or attempt to do it yourself. This is a good range to aim for if you are limited on funds or you plan to resell soon.

$15,000 to $35,000

This is the range we consider when you are looking at replacing a combination the toilet, vanity, sink, lighting, windows, countertops, and framed mirrors. If you were considering some layout adjustments, you could stay within this range assuming they were not too major. Maybe increasing the size of your shower or bathtub or redesigning the vanity or sink area. Plumbing changes start to open up as options as long as you don’t plan to move the toilet to another spot. That kind of change can get expensive quickly and even require permits. For those who don’t have layout changes in mind, you can opt for semi-customized cabinetry, higher-grade stone for countertops, and more luxurious fixtures. We would recommend upgrading to porcelain tile if you are in this range. It is more durable, slip-resistant, and has much more color, size, and pattern options than ceramic.

This range will likely require a team possibly including a designer if you need help. Painters, plumbers, tile-setters, and perhaps an electrician will be needed. We would recommend this range if you do not plan to sell anytime soon but want it as an option.

$30,000 And Beyond

If you are here, you are going in for the kill. This is complete remodel territory. This is what you should expect when you plan to essential take everything out and put it back in the way you want. Now it would be easy to say you can have “anything you want” in an unlimited budget situation but on the closer to $30,000 mark will be marble or granite tile, solid wood cabinetry, and high-end plumbing jobs. Closer to $60,000 would be steam showers, heated floors, and custom-built fixtures. With enough room, you could invest in a double-vanity or possibly a separate shower and tub.

Depending on the scope of your work, you may need permits, inspections and more to meet your desires. Expect to speak with a full range of subcontractors and specialists and not to have access to the bathroom for several weeks.

It should be noted that the bulk of your funds will go to the installation fees and purchasing the larger parts like cabinets, plumbing, and fixtures. Everything else will cost you about half of that so you can begin shopping around for what you want and then double it for what you will need.

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