Our Team


John Mitchell

John Mitchell Co-owner of Mitchell Construction with 35 plus years of experience in multiple facets including, but not limited to concrete, high rise construction, TI, and new home construction. John is married with 3 children, and 10 grandchildren. Prior to his Partnership with Mitchell Construction, he spent 10 years in the Carpenters Union, working on high rises, tilt-up, theaters, medical buildings and concrete. After the Union he worked for several other companies before he joined forces with his two sons and friend and partner. He loves building and creating. His journey has taken him from high rises to back yard design. John’s hobbies are entertaining, spending time with family and friends and making special memories with his grandchildren.

The Mitchell Construction team, from left to right: Jonathon Mitchell, Joshua Mitchell, John Mitchell, and Randy Dupray

Joshua Mitchell

Josh Mitchell graduated from high school in 2003 and immediately began working at a commercial construction company. After four years in the commercial industry, he moved on to a residential company that specializes in luxury and high-end remodels and renovations. In 2009, Josh enlisted in to the United States Army. After serving one tour in Afghanistan and one tour in South Korea during his six year enlistment, Josh was honorably discharged and moved back home to California with his wife and three children. In late 2015, Josh went to work rejoining his father, brother and good friend in Mitchell Construction.

Jonathon Mitchell

I have always known from my teenage years that I would one day like to be in business for myself. From the age twelve I have been an entrepreneur doing odd jobs like painting, lawn mowing, and helping people move. I entered into the work of concrete with the help of my father John Mitchell. My first job, I was a labor learning the trades and I saw the owner of this company get out of his truck and begin to give everyone the rundown on today’s duties. It was at this point I knew I had to run my own company but also knew I had a ways to go and learn before I could. Within a few years I worked my way to job site Foreman. I have worked on several types of projects in this capacity, including title-ups, poured in place decks, large buildings, and poured in places walls.
From here I went to work on our church and spent 18 months building this building in almost every facet learning new trades and gaining new experiences along with my father and brother. I began to understand how the rest of buildings came together and fell in love with the whole process of building. After the church was complete we had to move on to other companies and grew in my knowledge. Always advancing and learning I knew that I was getting closer to my goal of starting my own business.
In 2008 Everything came crashing down and there was no work to be had. Working for several other companies in short periods of time with little to no pay I knew I had to do something. So began to work for homeowners doing everything from sprinkler maintenance to hanging ceiling fans or whatever I could do for them. It was soon in this down economy that I found a gentleman that wanted to build a house and was looking for someone that needed an opportunity. He helped me acquire my Building License. I propositioned my father and brother to be partners in this adventure.Away we went. We built this mans home and soon dove into our company. Only a couple years later another partner Randy would come on board with us.
Since 2008 the four of us have worked on many projects varying in size. We love what we do and love the satisfaction of building and making your dreams come true. We all are family men, married with children and believe that it takes a family to build a home. Sometimes it feels like a dream being able to work alongside family and friends doing what I love and building a company and legacy.

Randy Dupray

After 40 years in the building industry, I am very well rounded in a variety of trades. I started my career in construction at an early age. My first exposure to construction work was summer job, when I was 15 years old working as a framers helper. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. Since that time, I have worked as a back-hoe operator, done underground pipeline work and dug hillside foundations for houses. I’m a third-generation plumber with over 20 years’ experience with drywall (hanging, taping and texturing). I have also worked in the glazing industry, both residential and commercial. As well as, been a foreman for a structural concrete company. For the past 8 years, I have been a partner with Mitchell Construction. It is much more up close and personal with customers and I enjoy being part of making their dreams come true.