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Thinking of a bathroom, kitchen, or even a whole-home remodel?

Our interior remodeling team at Mitchell Construction reveals the home remodeling construction choices of Menifee and Temecula homeowners just like you. At Mitchell Construction, we’ve worked with thousands of clients who wanted a bigger bathroom, a modern kitchen, or a complete home remodel. We have unique influences living in Southern California, including our warm weather and mild winters, agricultural heritage, and wonderfully affordable lifestyles. Our clients have taken advantage of the knowledge and skills of our team, from interior remodeling, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, custom home building, and even room additions.

Here are some of our clients’ most popular home remodeling choices for renovating and updating their kitchens, bathrooms, and homes.

Bigger is Better 

Go big or go home! Our clients want more space and more room! Whenever we do a complete kitchen, bathroom, or whole house remodel, people first mention that they want more space. Sometimes we have been fortunate enough to have room to expand the home’s outer walls. We had a recent project in which the customer had requested a patio right off their kitchen, and we used that existing space to double the size of their kitchen. We added 500 square feet to a different home last year, by simply converting an existing bedroom into a master suite with a walk-in shower and a walk-in closet to match.

Home remodeling doesn’t always mean expansion. For other clients, we repurpose space from unused or underutilized places and give them a newfound life. We once converted a hall closet, which became part of a complete master bathroom remodel, giving them a much larger, more luxurious designer bathroom without overhauling their exterior.

New Surfaces 

Sometimes, the existing frame of a house is good, and the layout or structure of the rooms is perfect, but the homeowner still wants a great new design and look. That’s when we’ll do things like to cover an adobe wall with sheetrock and add stone and a mantel to a fireplace. Our team can give a kitchen a great new look without a complete renovation by keeping cabinet frames and replacing doors and drawers. We did this on a job two years ago and completed the new designer kitchen look by giving them a brand-new countertop and painting the cabinets. One family even got a bathroom update with a new tile floor, countertops, faucets, and fixtures, including a great new tub and shower. We saved the vanity cabinet because of its great history, which gave the home a rustic feel while giving the bathroom more style.

More Open Space 

Sometimes, less is more. We removed the existing tub on a project and removed the dual sinks in the master bathroom. We replaced them with a walk-in shower with no enclosure and a single sink to give them a more functional spa-like retreat with plenty of counter space and storage. It’s unique for most general contractors in the remodeling space to have the skill and eyes of an interior designer. Great interior remodeling companies are the ones that can think on their feet and outside of the box. We had a project recently where the client was able to not only double the existing space of her kitchen but also removed a dining room wall, which incredibly opened up the room to complement the higher ceilings when we removed their kitchen soffits. To improve the traffic flow in this home, we also built a custom bookcase partition that paradoxically created a more open feel in the living room.

What is Your Remodeling Wish?

Wishing you had a “bigger” house that was more contemporary with more room to live and entertain guests? Or do you just need a new look for your kitchen, bathroom, or living room? Call us today at (951) 226-6201 to schedule your free in-home consultation. When you share your vision with our team, we will briefly discuss your budget for this project and preferred materials. Our design team gets to work creating a visual representation for yours. We will give you a detailed itemized breakdown of all associated costs with your project. Our dedicated staff handles everything from pulling the permits, and demos to custom tile work and completing those finishing touches to turn your dreams into a reality.

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