Transitional vs Eclectic Kitchen Design


I hope you are ready for what we have in store. Our last two design types will be the Transitional style and the always fun Eclectic style.

Transitional Kitchen

  • All about balance
  • Utilize elements from other styles but none too strongly
  • Flow well with the rooms nearby

Firstly, be aware when speaking with designers about a transitional kitchen because they may not know what you are looking for. Transitional style of design may mean to them to borrow elements from other styles. It is not uncommon to mix the previous styles we mentioned either no matter how opposite they may seem. This is a good way to compromise elements you like such as rustic cabinetry but a contemporary island countertop. Or perhaps modern appliances. A transitional approach in this manner would mean to find matching colors or patterns within the different styles.

The other meaning is to have the kitchen transition to the rest of the home without having a very noticeable shift in style. In this manner, one would have the kitchen maybe follow the same flooring tile or plank design. The cabinetry could be the same style of wood that was used for a nearby stairwell or railing. Although it may seem boring to use the same elements from the rest of the house, there will always be unique ways to let your kitchen shine!

Eclectic Kitchen

The Eclectic kitchen is what we call it when you cannot really nail the design down to a particular style. This makes it a difficult style to do right but, when it is, it shows the owner’s true personality! It can easily become a mess though so make sure to get second opinions!

It is a very difficult style to describe without simply showing you many successful ones. Instead of everything blending together in one “soup”, it is more like you are creating a “salad”. Parts of it may be their own color or pattern and might not even be in the same style. You can have cottage wood style chairs that do not match the painted wood of the cabinetry. It truly is trial-and-error that will determine what works and what does not. Hopefully, these extra photos will help you understand what we mean!

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