Strategizing Your Next Home Remodel


Whether your family is planning a complete kitchen renovation or the installation of a new patio or deck, our design-build and home improvement strategies ensure high-quality results that align with your vision. Our team pays keen attention to detail and is not afraid to ask tough questions. Armed with your responses, we strive to deliver the project you’ve always dreamed of.

Needs Assessment

Every potential project begins with a discovery phase, which we conduct during a free consultation at your home. During this visit, we aim to understand your specific needs, timelines, budgets, and goals.

What Inspires Your Desire to Remodel Now?

Understanding your motivation is crucial. It helps us align our plans with your expectations, whether it’s a lifestyle change, the need for more space, or a simple desire

Knowing your concerns allows us to address potential issues head-on. We aim to provide solutions and reassurances that will make the process smoother, whether it’s budget constraints, timeline specifics, or the quality of materials.

What Matters Most to You?

Your priorities guide our design and construction process. We focus on what’s important to you, be it energy efficiency, architectural aesthetics, or perhaps the combination of modern elements with your home’s original features.

We encourage our prospective clients to compile a comprehensive wish list in advance, allowing us to evaluate your priorities. This helps us assess the feasibility of your wants within your budget. Moreover, it enables us to preserve the architectural integrity of your original house, providing your family with additional functionality and space, while incorporating modern upgrades and aesthetics.

Communication is essential to our process, as we believe a remodel should be seamlessly executed and headache-free.

Your Inspiration Meets Our Design

We delve into the details once the Mitchell Construction team reviews the preliminary plans. In our design meetings, we collaborate with clients to review plans, drafts, and renderings, discuss product and material options, and explore different design solutions. This collaboration helps maintain your overall vision for the project from beginning to end. To ensure clients can visualize the final design, Jonathan Mitchell and our staff conduct a thorough job-site walkthrough with the project manager and team members, minimizing unexpected surprises during construction.

Planning and Construction

The majority of our initial planning occurs behind the scenes. While you might not see or hear from us frequently, we are working diligently on scheduling, ordering, and obtaining permits. As the process progresses, you’ll appreciate the value of having a single, dedicated point of contact.

Scheduling is a critical component of planning; it’s important to know when our materials will be available. We wait to start until all resources are on hand, ensuring all contractors and crew members are on board with the set schedule.

Once planning is completed, you’ll receive a start date and a detailed construction timeline. We strive to uphold our commitments, as our word is our bond. This approach fosters the long-term trust we aim to cultivate with our clients. While you may not be prepared to renovate your home alone, our design-build process ensures that your remodel is in capable hands.

Ready for a Home Remodel? The Mitchell Construction design-build process will help your family bring your vision to life.

Contact owner Jonathan Mitchell today at (951) 226-6201 for a free in-home consultation with our team.

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