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Kitchen Construction

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The Kitchen is arguably the most essential part of any home. What other room is simultaneously a work space, storage area, place of gathering, and capable of entertaining guests? It is also among the fastest evolving areas of a home.
Our team is more than willing to help you transform your kitchen into the best area to meet your needs and your wants. From design to installation, Mitchell Construction is who you can trust for home improvement. We promise you:

  • Quality: We provide you with a team of people who can create for you your dream kitchen with anything you can imagine and more.
  • Service: Our team has more than 25 years and knows kitchens inside and out.
  • Integrity: Using the right materials for the right job, no shortcuts, and keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

On Time, Within Budget
We are dedicated to giving our clients the kitchen redesign they want and having it completed on time. We will work with your budget and schedule to deliver the best possible kitchen remodeling. Our experienced team is more than willing to begin helping you regardless of what stage of the project you are in.

Cost And Property Value
Kitchen remodeling projects are rarely inexpensive and neither is excellent labor and service. Our team is comprised of the best installers, estimators, and designers we can find! We will do the best we can to work with your budget but we are certainly not the cheapest company in the area. You can be sure that our efforts will go above and beyond your expectations!

You may also want to consider the effect a new and improved kitchen design will have on the value of your home! We want all of our clients to love the results of their remodeling projects but should you decide to sell your home, the value a great kitchen can add a significant percentage to your sale price!


Whether this is your first or tenth kitchen remodeling, we know how important communication is to our clients. We will do everything we can to make sure you understand exactly what will occur during your project and make it easy to be in touch with us daily. No home design project is finished until our clients are satisfied so feel free to contact us after completion if you have any questions or concerns!

Interested in remodeling your kitchen? Contact Mitchell Construction today to get your project off the ground!