Questions to Ask Before You Start a Room Addition?


Whether you call it a great room, a family room, bonus room, having additional space where your family can gather and entertain can add to the overall enjoyment of your home and potentially its value as well. If you have ever considered adding a room, here are a few questions to ask before you start!?!

Needs & Wants?

If the room is starting to make, you feel cramped and on the brink of being claustrophobic. I would recommend stretching out the flow or floorplan that connects your living room to your kitchen, perhaps redesigning this specific area to accommodate more traffic flow in and out without congesting your guests in your kitchen. Remodeling this layout by adding ample storage and facelifting features, such as a built-in entertainment center, can solve a problem without adding to the blueprint.

But I Really Still Want and Need the Room Addition 

Most homeowners still want more space, especially as they start adding family members. The first step is to decide where to put it. Depending on the style of your house and the property, homeowners will have the choice to build out or up if you’re looking for a great room that the entire family will use to entertain guests so you can expand your entertaining options. We would, nine times out of ten, want to do what is known as a “bump out,” which saves a lot of money instead of having to add a full foundation. This also opens up a lot of space which is a bonus because it makes it seem a whole lot bigger.  If you are building the room addition on the back of your house, it could serve as another exit into your oasis of a backyard. You could add a back door, patio, or deck. to ease the transition from in and out of your home. Rear home additions allow for more creative design or risk-taking in architecture, such as large modern windows, giving vista views of your backyard.

Finishing Touches 

This is when knowing the functionality of how you intend to use the room is important. Is there will you will throw down a few games of Monopoly on a family game night? Adding a new fireplace is always a nice finishing touch, especially in cold winters. Installing built-in shelving units to store and organize home theater equipment? Deciding where you place your t.v will allow the general contractor to place the wires to hide them from view strategically.

Entertaining seems to be the biggest benefit our clients aim for a room where you can have a few appetizers and a cocktail and engage in a casual conversation. Having more space can create different seating arrangements, giving your party more Feng shui or flow.  A wet bar is another great feature to have, and this includes a countersink and storage for glasses and bottles and even a mini-fridge or a dishwasher.


Although you are creating a new space, you will want the materials to match the interior and exterior of your home concept. Siding, roofing, paint, carpet, and colors will all be elements that have to be taken into consideration. How will I heat the space? How will the electricity be wired? How will it be insulated?  These are all questions your builder or designer will cover with you in your free consultation.

Important Questions to Ask?

  • Can I build this? Zoning restrictions may prohibit you from adding to your existing property.
  • How much is our budget? Knowing your budget ahead of time will dictate the design of your project.
  • Will I increase the value of my home? Additions should have features that homebuyers are looking for.
  • Does the addition I envision fit into your existing home?  The flow and usability of the home should be improved.

If you have any other questions on room additions, call Jonathon Mitchell today at (951) 226-6201

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