Prerequisites to a Perfect Bathroom Remodel


Here is a quick list of necessities for bathroom remodeling ideas that will help you execute turning your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, Mitchell Construction is here and ready to lend a hand with these useful tips!


Tile is an essential way to give any bathroom a much-needed makeover. Tile can entirely change the aesthetic and style of the bathroom or provide also a color accent. One way to use tile to peak visual interest is to use accented tiles with moderation. Using a more decorative tile around the bathtub and again behind sink creates unity as well as a splash of visual curiosity. Patterned tiles around a mirror can also serve as a unique frame. Even a very basic tub can be metamorphized with tile. Use basic, inexpensive white ceramic tile as the bulk of the tile surrounding the tub, then add an accent border of another tile, sort of like a mosaic. Though the mosaic tile is a tad more on the expensive side, it is only covering a small area, overall diminishing the amount you need to spend or purchase.

You can also use tile in so many unexpected ways, like running subway tiles vertically for an unexpected twist, or mix and match tile by using a small tile on the lower half of the wall, and a larger, darker tile on the upper half of the wall.

“Visual” Space

Tile can also be used to make a tiny bathroom look larger. Placing a continuing wall or horizontal line of tile in a contrasting color to the rest of the tile will lengthen or elongate your bathroom while giving the optical illusion of more space or depth. In contrast, you can run tile vertically, giving the room a taller appearance.

Other elements can be added and taken away to create more visual space in a small bathroom. For example, installing translucent shower doors will eliminate the visual barrier, increasing the visual scope of the room. Mirrored like surfaces will also add visual space to almost any room. Adding a mirror running the entire length of the vanity wall, or perhaps a mirrored door on your linen closet, will reflect light and make space feel commodious.

Nature Elements

For a more natural look, you will want to merge in as much natural light as achievable. For privacy, frosted or shade windows to prevent anyone from seeing in but still allow light to shine through. If your bathroom is surrounded by interior walls, consider installing a beautiful skylight, which will offer the benefits of a large window but with much-improved privacy. Combine rich woods and neutral colored stone to create a natural feel in your bathroom space. Soothing colors on the wall will give the room a spa-like feel, allowing to you relax like you schedule an appointment for the day spa 

Bathroom remodels can add value to your house as well as give you a relaxing and spa-like space. Bathroom remodels, however, can be complex and require the assistance of a professional general contractor like those at Mitchell Construction. If you are considering a bathroom remodel let us help you get your ideas out on paper and then make your dreams come true!

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