Why Design Build Construction is the best choice for your next project?

  You may not be familiar with what design/build construction entails, so let’s give you an overview of the basics. The design/build construction process is when a single entity or general contractor is responsible for the entirety of the remodeling project from blueprints, permits, to managing and overseeing the project all the way to the… READ MORE

3 Ways to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel Project 🚧

Is it about time to get started on your next kitchen remodeling project? The kitchen is the most used room in your home, and renovating under any circumstances is no small job. At Mitchell Construction, our approach is an all-inclusive kitchen remodeling process to ensure that the transition for our clients is seamless. Here are… READ MORE

Five tips to keep your interior remodeling project on schedule and within budget ⌚🤝

    Renovating your house can be one of the most difficult or challenging times of your life. Here five steps you can implement before, after and during construction, that will alleviate the pressure and minimize any mishaps. If your efforts are planned and persistent your success is guaranteed, following these five steps will make… READ MORE

From messy to MARVELOUS? Kitchen cabinet, storage and organization solutions…

  At its very core, your kitchens true identity is designed for functional space. It’s where you and your family will cook or prepare meals, store food, and organize cooking utensils. But it’s also the go-to hangout spot for your family during the holidays and birthday parties. When your kitchen has inadequate storage and or… READ MORE

Five extraordinary ways to add more storage space to your home…

The most popular reason that homeowners eventually remodel their homes is to obtain more functional space and additional storage areas. Is it theoretically plausible, to gain more storage without adding extra square footage to your home? The answer is “Yes” by having an experienced general contractor in Menifee, CA complete a thorough analysis of your… READ MORE

Four Expensive Mistakes to Avoid During Bathroom Remodeling…

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