Kitchens, Prepare for Resale


The kitchen is a star player in whether or not you get the best offers when trying to sell your home. Be warned; you should not spend too much (think 10% of your home’s value) on your remodeling. For the utmost confidence and expertise for your specific home and community, you should seek a real estate professional, but there are some things you can consider for yourself. Let us give you some tips to get your kitchen ready to show!

Make some Space

Firstly, the more space potential buyers can see, the more opportunities they see. Work on opening up areas and creating wider pathways. Remember that while your current design may function perfectly for you, the buyer may have different activities that require a different design later on.

Keep it Simple

Second, you should try to keep your colors and styles simple. A simple scheme for your counters, appliances, floors, and cabinets keeps you from making a mistake in the eyes of your buyers. Remember, if they do not like what they see in the current design, you want them to have the opportunity in a new design. Extremes might cause them to be turned off from the whole home.

Impress your Buyers

Even though simplicity was the last tip, we do recommend you put in a small amount of features to impress your buyers. Aim for something that they may not find at other homes they may be considering like granite countertops, pull-out pantries, or two separate sinks.

Ample Storage

Storage is always a winner with potential buyers, especially in the kitchen. If you can balance open space and storage space, your house-showings will be much easier. Be sure to check out photos of kitchens online to find creative methods of utilizing shelving and cabinets.

We hope that your plans for home remodeling or resale go great! Be sure to check out these articles and galleries to help you get more advice and ideas:

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