Interior Remodeling Projects You Can Do During the Holidays


With the holiday season well upon us let’s give you some solid tips that will help you spruce up your space. Family gatherings and the hopes for warmer weather usually will expose the functional and remodeling updates we truly want for our home. Luckily for you don’t have to put off that home remodeling project until 2018. These short-term projects ideas will give you everything necessary to get you ready for yuletide spirit.

Update your Kitchen’s Backsplash

This very simple change can make a huge aesthetic change to your whole kitchen. As a main focal point, this can give your outdated kitchen that modern and contemporary feel you have been looking for. Without having to replace cabinets or appliances installing a new backsplash and give your guests that “wow” factor. The current trends that have been buzzing in the industry are elegant but muted color schemes. Less is more, letting your backsplash take a backseat and allowing it to play a supporting role to the rest of your kitchen is the trend. Really focus on the colors and the beauty of the materials themselves to give your kitchen a timeless and classic look. If you’re on a budget play with patterns as your focal point.

Replace your fireplace

What a better place to make an update than your fireplace!?! Updating the fireplace hearth for the holidays is definitely a way to garner attention from your guests while improving the use of the space. Maybe you want to make the jump from electric to gas or vice versa or convert it into a wood fireplace? Is it time to give your fireplace a facelift? The nice thing about this project is you can get it done before your family or guests arrive. You can do in-depth changes like making a stone facade all the way to the ceiling. Or refinish, make changes to hardware or even painting over that outdated brick. The sky’s the limit with this upgrade and your guests will surely notice.

Remodel existing living spaces

One of the biggest concerns about entertaining your family is usually space. If you cringe every time your Aunt has to sleep on an air mattress maybe it’s time to finish off that extra room you were using for your office or renovate your basement into a guest room? In the event, you don’t have the time to completely overhaul a room then consider getting creative with space you already have. Adding a murphy style bed for your office is an answer to accommodating extra company. Have an unused nook? Convert this space into sleeping space for your cousins or nephews or nieces?

All of these projects are some great ways to update your home during the holidays without putting any stress or constraints on your time! Good luck preparing your home for the holidays

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