How the Right Windows Can Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level


The bathroom has surpassed itself far beyond its means just for functional use. Since the dark ages or the medieval eras, we have come a long way from traditional outhouses. Bathrooms have transitioned into stylish and contemporary spaces for spiritual renewal or an inner sanctum for a spa-like retreat.

A well-placed bathroom window can elevate light, aesthetics, function, and, most importantly, atmosphere. Create a distinguished windowscape that gives honor to your space while concealing an area of privacy. If executed flawlessly, this will allow for more soul-nurturing natural light.

Stained Glass

Stained glass has been known for its historical applications in huge cathedrals for centuries. In my opinion, it is the most impressive and beautiful choice to showcase in your bathroom. It will cloak your room’s occupants while letting a ton of filtrated light illuminate in a spectrum of colors for added beauty and ambiance.

Diamond Paned Glass

We owe the art of glass-making primarily to the Egyptians and also the Tudors. Before flat sheet glass, they were made by hand using diamonds. Only the aristocrats of the time could afford such a novel luxury in their homes. Today we still love diamond-paned glass for its classic romantic, and timeless look.

Frosted Glass

This choice seems to be the most logical for the obvious reasons of light, privacy, or concealment. Frosted glass is created by sandblasting or acid etching. Frosted glass is not only decorative but, more importantly, functional.  The glass can be used even as a sliding bathroom door, shower screen, or even as a decoration or accent to your mirrors.

Sea Glass

For a truly unique bathroom,  that is more outdoor or naturally inspired, such as a beach or outdoor woods environment. I would go with sea glass. Most of the materials that are recycled go GREEN which is good for the environment. Then, I would hire some local artists to create a theme or have your bathroom tell a narrative.


A skylight is a great way to lighten up the room while connecting your guests immediately to the great outdoors. Placing the skylight here will definitely invoke a primordial enjoyment of showering outdoors. You can even mount the skylight with a motorized window shade.

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