Classic Vs Modern Kitchen Designs


We think it would be nice to look at a few distinct styles of kitchen design. We will go over a couple of unique ones and get you thinking about which one works best for you. You may even find ways to mix and match to fit your own tastes!

Classic Kitchen

  • White or Cream Cabinetry
  • Black or White Countertops
  • Simple furnishings
  • Flexibility

The classic kitchen design emphasizes function and adaptability. While many may be turned off by their lack of exciting features or neutral color schemes, they make up for it in other ways. Black and white countertops are always easy on the eyes, easy to clean, and easy to find when purchasing. Leading your color design with lighter colors helps manage lighting throughout the area. Avoiding ornate cabinetry, fixtures, and island designs makes it easier to focus on having storage and walking space. You can never go wrong with simple!

Some words like “modern” are going to have varying interpretations between different designers but we feel that modern describes a kitchen that has that almost science-fiction, near-futuristic look to it.

Modern Kitchen

  • Solid Colors
  • Panel-like Doors & Frameless Cabinetry
  • Newest Hardware
  • Straight Edged and Horizontal Arrangement

On the surface, a modern-style kitchen design seems as cold and manufactured as a robot. However, just like a robot, a modern kitchen is meant to contain the best of what a kitchen can. Ideally, you would focus more on the quality of the appliances and spend little on other parts. It should be noted that decorating a modern kitchen with natural items like flowers, clay/ceramic vases, or small wooden fruit bowls gives a great look!

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