Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink


The size and style of your kitchen sink is a personal yet subjective choice. If you know your way around the kitchen you have probably used different sized sinks and have a general idea of what you like. But if you’re just starting out this just might help.

Note that we are not only considering sink sizes but also the pros and cons of single and double bowls as well. Also, the adjectives used to describe a sink’s dimensions can be very confusing. For all purposes, we will refer to the sink’s depth, length, and width.

What are standard kitchen sink sizes?

Standard kitchen sinks that customers typically will choose are single bowl sinks that are about 28-30 inches long. We recommend a sink that is at least 28 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 7 ½ inches deep. Similar size models are also available for commercial use.

What size sink do I really need?

Commercial sized single bowl kitchen sink can be as long as 34 inches, while a double bowl could reach up to 48 inches. As you can imagine this sink will take up quite a bit of real estate in your kitchen, so your decision really comes down to how much counter space do I need? Most people would prefer to cook with a larger sink, you never hear anyone complain about their sink being too big!?! However, a small sink can become cluttered and make washing big pans a chore. Extra space is always welcomed for meal prep and clean-up duties. We also recommend a spray head or gooseneck that you can use to flush food particles down the sink’s drain.

What to know about installation?

Most kitchen sinks are installed in three ways:

  • A drop-in sink fits into a cut out in the kitchen countertop
  • Undermount sink is simply installed under the countertop
  • Apron front sink which is normally longer and wider and installed in the front to give it more of a cottage look

If you’re replacing an old sink but not the countertop, you want to ensure the cutout will accommodate the new one. If your kitchen cabinets will allow for it you may be able to size up the sink by expanding the same cutout. Many people who are looking to replace the sink are overhauling and doing a renovation. A new countertop also allows for other major improvements. A customer with an old small drop in sink with old tile countertop that collects grime and gunk will be elated with a bigger sink if you have room to spare its a solid upgrade.

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