5 Ways to Add More Storage Space to Your Home


The most popular reason that homeowners eventually remodel their homes is to obtain more functional space and additional storage areas. Is it theoretically plausible, to gain more storage without adding extra square footage to your home? The answer is “Yes” by having an experienced general contractor in Menifee, CA complete a thorough analysis of your home to make sure you are maximizing the efficiency of every square foot. Believe us you can find storage space in some unconventional places.

Furniture Storage

One of the painless ways to gain additional storage space is to use furniture that has duality. Benches with storage are extremely sought after. For more organized storage, consider a bench like the one below that has room for separate baskets below. The baskets provide a great way to keep items conveniently within arms reach and in order. Traditional bench storage involves a bench with a lift-up seat that reveals ample storage inside. This is a simple idea that’s perfect for stashing away everything from books to pet dishes, kids toys, and miscellaneous items that you don’t want to see hanging or within eyes view.

Hidden Storage

In many U.S houses, vast amounts of untapped potential storage space go unutilized or wasted. This includes empty space under the stairs. Rather than simply walling that space off, why not use it as an opportunity to store more? If the area is adequate enough, some homeowners enjoy to convert it into an extra closet. For a smaller under-stair space, why not break it up into separate closet areas? A deep reach-in closet is tall enough to put hanging hooks, additional shelving, or to provides a tall enough place to stash household cleaning items that you’d like to place out of sight. Meanwhile, the smaller area where the stairs move downward, pull-out shelves make use of a space that would be too small for a traditional closet; perfect for storing little-used kitchen accessories or dishes.

Another excellent choice for hidden storage is turning everyday objects into extra storage. This gorgeous, full-sized bathroom mirror, for example, is more than meets the eye. Open it to reveal a large medicine cabinet/closet with ample room for all of your toiletries, bathroom accessories, and cleaning supplies.


If you’re doing an interior remodeling project, including built-in storage into your design is a great way to get additional storage space. Built-in custom cabinets in the bathroom look beautiful and give you an easy way to keep the space tidy but organized. Similarly, built-in storage in the bedroom eliminates the need for huge dressers, armoires, or entertainment centers.

Built-in storage isn’t just for rooms, either. You can also make full use of your hallways by adding built-in drawers, shelves, and custom cabinets. This provides more than enough room for your towels and bedding and can be the best place to store seasonal clothing if there isn’t room in your closet.


For a closet to have optimal storage space, it needs to have more than just a few hanging racks. Closet storage can be as complex or simple as necessary, depending on your needs. Some features have ample hanging space and drawers, as well as a seating area and makeup mirror. What about a spinning shoe rack in the center allows for storage of a lot of shoes in a small space? It also keeps them in view and accessible.

Closet storage can also be simpler. Just a few hanging spaces and several banks of drawers are enough to provide organization and structure to what used to be a small and cluttered closet.

For optimum closet storage, design a small folding table that provides more additional space to fold clothes before putting them away. The folding table has a dual function for more storage space and comes with its own bank of drawers. Whether it’s custom built-in, a part of your furniture, or hidden away somewhere concealed, there’s always a huge opportunity for more additional storage space in your home!

We have done several custom designer closets and storage spaces not just in bedrooms, but in kitchens, bathrooms, and even living rooms. Our team has even remodeled and installed brand new Walk-In Closets and Pantries. Do not hesitate to call us if a remodeling project could keep you from having to store your belongings outside of your home!

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