5 Tips to Know Before Starting a Room Addition Project


Many homeowners become unhappy with their houses but still love their neighborhood, view, and/or town. If this is you, you have probably thought of getting a room addition to get more out of your home. Below are five tips that could help you get the most out of your project:

Make A Wish List

First, consider all the things you need that you are not getting out of your current home layout. This will help establish where and what type of addition will help the most. Be sure to add a few want to see if you can make your new room an enjoyable add-on, not just a useful one.

Choose The Right Contractor

The right people can help design the right project and get it done right. You do not want to rely on contractors that are inexperienced, unlicensed (or uninsured!), or have a bad reputation. Be sure to interview around three contractors, ensuring they know about legal restrictions on housing development, and ask them for references.


Understandably, you will want to chase the lowest price on every aspect of labor and material involved in this project. Make sure you start with a budget that has a bit of flexibility on the topside since it is rare that home construction ever goes exactly as planned. Depending on the age of your home, materials that match your design details may be harder to find. And remember, you get what you pay for!

Consider Your Workspace

Make sure to take a look at your home from the outside and the inside. Consider what is behind the walls, not just the pathways and hallways. Elements of your electrical, heating, or air-conditioning systems may need to be upgraded to compensate for the new addition. Do not forget to consider what is going on from the exterior, either. Gutters, electrical wiring, and even landscaping may also need some attention.

Be Prepared For Chaos

As you have probably gathered from these tips and warnings, this will not be easy and will likely not be over quickly. Larger additions are going to take part of your home (if not all of it) out of commission for some time. Good contractors can provide you with many of the details and headaches you may have ahead of you, but nothing worth doing is ever easy!

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