5 Master Bathroom Must-Have Amenities


Modern master bathrooms are trending towards an aspiration of self-indulgence. What was originally known as a cramped space has turned into a more functional spa-like retreat. While most bathrooms only need one functioning toilet, sink, tub and or shower. There are numerous other amenities you can add to spruce up your space and make it much more enjoyable for yourself or your guests. Here a must-haves for your next bathroom remodel.

Undermounted Sinks

Most people have the preference of having their own sink just simply based on personal hygiene and what our partner’s definition of a clean bathroom counter space is. Purchasing or investing in double mounted sinks can save a lot of time, money and headaches in your morning routine. They are simply attached to the underside of the countertop and have no raised rim. These sinks do require a water resistant countertop but this feature makes it so much more convenient because there is no lip or trap grime that builds up.

Radiant Heat Floors

Stepping out on to a sub-arctic floor after a hot shower on a cold winters day can be agony. Stepping on to heated floors, however, is like walking into hot folded laundry fresh out the drier. This is a very unconventional and energy efficient way to heat your bathroom. Heated floors can act as an independent electronic thermostat that you can preset before you wake up to provide you warmth during your morning ritual.

Water Closet

An up and coming trend from Europe is to have a separate area dedicated to your royal throne. Although this will require more space it will provide another area of cloaking privacy. Bidets are somewhat obscure to most Americans even though your foreign friends and been using them for centuries. Installed in place of an ordinary toilet seat your commode is now ready for a call of duty.

Motion Activated Sinks & Built-in Hand Soap Dispensers

If you’re a germaphobe or simply have your hands filled while being in your bathroom, having motion activated might be a worthwhile investment. It also may save water or prevent an overflow in a child’s bathroom, should a child leave the water on an unattended. A built-in soap dispenser is another great addition to replace the soapy soap dish.

Curbless Shower

Accessibility into your shower is now becoming a necessity especially for those that want to age with their home. Stepping over a high shower curb or apron of a tub can lead to an injury. Some curbless showers can be sloped so there is no need for a shower door to keep water running on to the floor. Though this may be a little more drafty while showering it will greatly reduce the amount of glass to clean and could be less expensive.


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