⚠️The Five Warning Signs- your family is ready for a bathroom remodel!

Very few things are more calming than soaking your cares away in the bathtub, especially after a tiring day. But if your bathroom is antiquated or is need of general repairs, relaxing is likely the last thing that comes to mind when you envision your bath. If your bathroom doesn’t encapsulate what you wanted when… READ MORE

Micro-Additions: Major impact, more space, at a fraction of the cost 🏠

All homeowner’s at some point in the near distant future will arrive at a place where your family has outgrown the limits of your four walls. Simply put you are in a desperate need for a little more space. Some dream of what it would be like to have an illustrious or elegant bathroom that they… READ MORE

Painted Or Stained Kitchen Cabinets? Which option is best?

  There is a ton of possibilities and questions that you’ll begin to ask yourself while strategizing or planning out a kitchen remodeling project. What overall design or layout is best suited for function and your lifestyle? What are the ideal countertop, flooring, and backsplash materials for your home? What color palettes will compliment with the… READ MORE

Tips on how to convert an old bedroom into your new office 💼

You’ll get the biggest benefit from your bedroom to office conversion if you pay attention to the details. These tips will help: Location – You’ll likely spend a ton of hours in your home office, so don’t limit yourself on space. Also, you’re going to want to take into consideration the traffic flow and your ability… READ MORE

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